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Pacandé is not just a beautiful word, but the name of a small, pointed mountain in the Colombian southwest. It is located in the Tolima department, where the great and brave people of the Pijaos lived before the colonization. In the cosmogony of the Pijaos, the world is held up by two pillars of gold. According to legend, one of these pillars is under Mount Pacandé. That is why this place was considered sacred. After the arrival of the Spaniards, the Pijaos were one of the strongest adversaries the colonizers had to contend with and some of their descendants still live in this area today.

Pacandé coffees come from Colombia. This country is known worldwide for the quality of its coffee and is even considered the home of specialty coffee.

The climatic conditions of the Colombian mountains allow coffee to grow slowly and develop its potential to the maximum. For this reason, Colombia is recognized worldwide as the country of coffee. Coffee plays a very important role in the country's economy as it is grown in more than 590 communities and is one of the country's main export products.

There are more than 970,000 hectares of coffee plantations in Colombia that produce millions of bags of coffee per month, securing the income of thousands of families.

There is the "Tinto", the filter coffee without milk, the drink par excellence. Colombian coffee is balanced and can have different profiles depending on the growing area. Traditionally it is drunk as filter coffee in small portions in the country. It is common to enjoy several tintos a day.

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